Rackspace® Cloud. Developed a campaign for a product launch followed by responsive website and emails. Articulated specially while at SXSW where user traffic came from a mobile/tablet device.

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Foster Farms

Foster Farm®. Managed to create brand awareness with coupon and followed by monthly newsletter. Campaigns included a responsive sign-up page, Coupon and Thank you Emails — Retina & Responsive, tracked by Google Analytics along the way.

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Columbia® Gear. iPad sign-up web form. For an Outdoor Gear event. Project included a custom jQuery timer, and iOS Webapp snippets.

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— I follow semantic rules for SEO standards, and W3C Compliance for better ranking and screen readers.



Silk®, Horizon Dairy, and International Delight. Email engagement with dynamic content, used with Exact Target. Made responsive layout to work across 50 email clients such as: Outlook 2007, Gmail, Yahoo!,, iOS +6, and Android OS +4.3 — Yes, all retina compatible for legibility. All QA'ed and tested on Emulators and actual devices.

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WWE Network. Monthly email newsletter. Graphic driven. Intended for video gamers and TV advocates. Alt text and colored TD's illustrate email and apply best practices to pass Email Clients security protocols — Responsive and retina.

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There hasn't been a single project I've tussled with. I assure deliverabilty and functionality throughout depicted coding and strategy. From rich-typography (Goolge Fonts) to animation (CSS3, @keyframes) , and it all has a safe fallback (Arial/ Gif / VML).

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Writing forms, charts, and investment calculators, custom Google Tag Manager scripts, and other DOM manipulation with vanilla JavaScript and jQuery.

Hands-on JavaScript / Jquery examples:

  1. Push Menu
  2. Events
  3. DOM Manipulation
  4. Effects
  5. Stars game using p5.js library


My belief is simple: designing a brand is like designing a relationship. When looking for your soul mate, you're attracted to three things: looks, personality, and substance. When you find all three, you're bound for engagement (pun intended). Building a brand is no different. Successful and long-lasting brands use all three ingredients to attract their audience in today's crowded marketplace. Without good design as the first stage of Brand Attraction, you're just another one-night stand.

Consumers are usually attracted to a specific company, product or service in three different stages.
1. LOOKS = Visual Identity
2. PERSONALITY = Brand Voice & Vibe
3. SUBSTANCE = Smart Marketing Strategy